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Being Wild Spirits: Our Mission

Our aim

We aim to craft the best quality, big flavoured yet balanced spirits. By using traditional methods and be transparent about it, perhaps we can debunk some myths/assumptions in the process.

For us, its about bringing the best quality and most flavourful libations possible to thrill-seeking drinkers. To be a Poetic License product, it should not be middle-of-the-road. It should deliver stand-out flavour you are going to remember. We have a passion for innovation in spirits and break with tradition to push things forward. Creating new and exhilarating flavour experiences with our spirits is what we love to do. We are not afraid to be different and not be liked by everyone. Often our stance and products will be very divisive. Our aim is to leave you with the feeling of ‘I have never tasted anything like this before’. Distinct and bold is always the brief.

Our approach

Although we’re passionate, we’re also fairly chilled out in our approach. We think our laid-back attitude stems from our roots in the North East of England, but this is not where we take our flavour inspiration from. If we limited ourselves to just sourcing locally this would curtail our ability to create – there is only so much available on your doorstep. So we think it’s only right to continue to explore.

We do not adhere to formalities unless there is good reason to. A lot of our drinking habits are as they are because someone said so – we’re here to question those set beliefs and do away with them if they are not necessary or limit the potential to experiment, create and experience new things. We don’t do tradition for tradition’s sake.

Our products

We are currently known for our gin but we are not stopping there. We plan to craft spirits of all kinds – if it’s a spirit and it tastes good, we’ll bring it to you.

So, yes, we make tasty alcoholic liquids, but we think drinking craft gin is about more than just taste – it’s a mindset. We like to think of ourselves as gatherer of like-minded individuals. The fact you are open to our drinks and not just sticking to mainstream brands alone defines you as an open-minded sort. If you’re a Poetic License drinker who embraces the unique and different then you’re a fellow wild spirit.

Put simply – we want big, knock-your-socks-off flavour, we want to our spirits to be the best quality (and we’re happy to show/tell you how and why) that bring people together and we want to cut the bullshit.

That’s our way of doing things. We aren’t aiming to please everyone but for those of you out there that like the sound of what’s on offer here – great. Jump on board. We reckon the days of crap, uncared for spirits are done and chin chin to that!

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