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Aquavit: water of life

With its origins dating back to the 15th century, Aquavit is a Scandinavian spirit infused with botanicals and herbs like caraway, dill, aniseed and fennel. Aquavit can be matured in oak cask, or enjoyed as a clear, unaged spirit. Our unaged version of this age old Nordic drink harnesses its complexity form the inclusion of a variety of botanicals to compliment the caraway.
Through a triple distillation using our copper pot still, we are able to create a complex and spicy, yet soft and balanced Aquavit that will leave any Viking salivating for more.

Distillers notes:
Pure notes of caraway is perceived on the nose as well as the pallet. Crisp, minty characters from the aniseed and dill are finely balanced with subtle notes of liquorice. The inclusion of citrus adds a zesty mouthfeel that compliments the complex bouquet of spices. Delicate notes of butterscotch adds to a create a soft and lasting mouthfeel.

What is Aquavit?
Aquavit is a white spirit from Scandinavian origins. It is made from neutral spirits that has been distilled with botanicals like caraway, dill, fennel, aniseed, and coriander.
Gin is made by using a neutral spirit and distilling it with Juniper berries. Aquavit is similar, but instead of Juniper, we use Caraway.

What makes our Aquavit special?
We use the fractions from our gin distillations that are not used in the gin, which still contains a lot of spicy aroma and flavours, and distil it again-this time using our column still arrangement. The spirit we collect from this distillation is infused with our botanical blend of Caraway, Dill seeds, dill tips, coriander, aniseed and fennel, and distilled again. This means that the product is triple distilled. Poetic license Aquavit is unaged, and is best enjoyed straight from the freezer in a chilled glass. Due to the variety of aromas we harness from the botanicals, the blend is very complex and by serving it chilled, all the volatile compounds are kept in the liquid and contributes to the mouthfeel and aftertaste.


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